Veneers & Lumineers

Veneers and Lumineers


Both Porcelain Veneers and Lumineers are essentially thin shells of ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of your teeth. They are not only cosmetically beautiful, but in some cases can actually eliminate the need for a dental crown. There’s no one right solution for everybody because different patients have different issues going on in their mouth. That’s what makes it so important to see a talented and skilled Mint dentist. We’ll work with you to design the most brilliant smile at the most affordable costs. And with our Enhanced Smile Camera, we can show you the results before we even start! Our state-of-the-art technology and artistic flair can give you a beautiful, permanently white smile!


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When to use Porcelain Veneers

miley-teethVeneers are the right choice for a person whose teeth may be unstable or very crooked.  The placement of dental veneers requires the ”shaving,” “shaping” or “prepping” of all teeth being fitted with the custom-designed shells. This is to create space for the veneer material. After shaping, a mold is taken of each tooth so that it is possible to create a custom veneer that will cover the remaining tooth structure. When your custom dental veneer is ready, we apply it with an adhesive material that holds it in place. In some cases, the teeth are sound enough that they require no prep. In that case, we might use Lumineers, a no prep veneer applied seamlessly over existing teeth. Both types of veneers are designed to last for many years and the adhesive will not fade or become discolored. So your smile will look as bright and white years from now as it does the day you leave our office. The result is stunningly beautiful teeth that will last a lifetime.

Why use Mint?

Dr. Harrison has created a surgical technique that dramatically shortens the time it takes to install veneers. He has taught this technique to all Mint doctors. We can truthfully say if you go to any other dentists for your veneers, you will experience more pain, more bleeding, more gum loss and a longer recovery time.

Free Whitening

Free Teeth Whitening


When to Whiten Your Teeth

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to dramatically change your appearance at any age. If your teeth are brown, yellow or spotted with tooth staining, you’re simply not as attractive as you could be. White teeth give you a younger appearance and an extraordinary smile. With the advances in teeth whitening, you don’t have to worry about pain or spending hours in a dental chair.

Why use Mint?

One word: free! If you have PPO dental insurance Mint will whiten your teeth for free. On your first visit, an impression is taken to make a specialized “mouth-guard” or “tray” to hold bleach against the teeth. In only a few days your custom bleaching trays will be ready. We provide you with a special bleaching agent that you put into the clear trays. Pop them in while your watching TV or reading for about 30 minutes a day. In just a few days, your teeth will become at least seven shades whiter! The change is nothing short of spectacular. No exams, x-rays or cleaning involved.

Dental trays with whitening gel are the safest, most effective, pain-free method of teeth whitening today. Our whitening gel comes in various strengths so you can choose the one right for you. And again, it’s totally free. (If you don’t have PPO dental insurance, this method can still save you money. Make Appointment