Mint Difference

Mint Difference

Unlock the smile you deserve with veneers and lumineers, bonding, invisalign, teeth whitening and more.


Mint Dentistry is going to introduce you to true dentistry in luxury. To begin with our dental centers were designed by a world famous decorator, so when you walk in the door you’ll immediately know you’re in a different kind of dental office. Add vibrating chairs. Plasma TVs. Beat headphones. We even put an iPad in your hands if you want one. Dentistry in Luxury means the most advanced dental technology to be found anywhere, super quiet fast drills, low radiation digital x-rays, the highest grade dental materials and of course some of the most skillful, artistic dentists you will instantly love. We know you may pass twenty dentists to get to our door. So we have to make your visit to Mint nothing less than fabulous.


This is one our most important points of difference. Traditional dental offices offer you one dentist, one assistant and one approach. At Mint, a team of highly trained surgical dentists reviews your case before any work begins, discuss different options and agree on the best treatment. And if your case is complex, you’ll be seen by different doctors who have different specialties. Dental teams are the gold standard of dentistry. That’s why you don’t have to drive all around the city looking for a second opinion. You’ll get them at Mint.


Another Mint difference is you don’t have to go from dentist to dentist for different services. We offer a complete range of services for the entire family, from ages six and up. From braces to align and straighten teeth to cavity prevention to root canals to cosmetic dentistry, Mint dentists are highly trained to correct any problems with your smile or bite. Our hygienists not only clean your teeth but also help you avoid dental problems before they start. And our Mint Kids dentists are specialists who can keep young teeth from growing into adult problems.


Believe it or not, there are many dentists using equipment that is twenty years old or older. The reason is the newest dental equipment is expensive and often requires special training. But an important Mint difference is that we are committed to the newest technology in dentistry. And keeping our doctors up to date on this technology. Our electric drills are the fastest and quietest available, meaning we spend less time drilling and you’re not subjected to that screeching sound so many patients dread. These drills give us a precision impossible until today. We use low radiation digital x-rays that have 90% less radiation than regular x-rays. Digital imaging gives us an extraordinary view of a tooth’s defects. And we use only the highest-grade materials in our crowns meaning they last longer.


Forget everything you think you knew about going to the dentist. Our patients actually enjoy coming here. We give you iPads while you wait in the lobby. We position you in a soothing vibrating chair. We slip Beat headphones over your ears to listen to Pandora or watch the plasma TV in front of you. We relax you with nitrous oxide or if you have someone driving you, a sedation pill. And we surround you with a staff of caring professionals who make sure you’re always comfortable.

Proprietary Cutting-Edge Techniques

Our founder, Dr. Field Harrison is a preparing an article for the ADA Dental Journal on his revolutionary technique on applying veneers that dramatically decreases pain and the loss of gum tissue. With less time, less bleeding, less pain, less invasive and shorter healing period, it promises to revolutionize the way veneers are applied. Of course, all of our dentists are trained this approach. And this is just the latest example of how Mint Dentistry is a pioneer in developing cutting edge techniques, so much so that our dentists are regularly contacted by dental schools to instruct or mentor their students.

Same Day Treatments

We know how valuable your time is, and how difficult it is to get one day off to visit the dentist, much less two or three. That’s why we’ve scheduled your appointment to allow enough time to treat any issue we might find, even some complex ones. There will be some cases where we have to send a mold of your tooth off for a crown, but even then we’ll make sure you don’t have to visit our office any more than necessary.

Smile Enhanced Camera

One of the most important questions a patient has about cosmetic surgery is, “What will I look like?” Our response is, “You’ll look exactly like this.” Our exclusive Smile Enhanced Camera will show you the impact any cosmetic dental work performed by Mint specialists. Whether you need veneers, implants, or a bridge, we can show you the amazing transformation of your smile before any work begins.


At Mint, we pride ourselves on delivering an incredible dental experience at an extraordinary value. Even then, some people need additional help for major dental work. That’s why we have teamed with CareCredit that put the most complex treatment plans like root canals, dental implants, veneers and more within the reach of everyone. There are low monthly payment options, no upfront costs and you can be approved in minutes. Our administrative staff will even be happy to help you instantly arrange financing right now.

Insurance Specialist

A question all dental patients have is this, “Is my insurance good here?” The answer at Mint, in a word, is yes. We work hand-in-hand with you and your insurance company to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. We handle all the verifying, filing and hassles. Our staff is particularly knowledgeable on insurance rules and regulations, and can have all your coverage benefits verified before your appointment so you know exactly your out-of-pocket for each procedure.

Pain Management

Here is our belief about pain: you shouldn’t have any. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a complex procedure, we make sure you’re calm, there’s no anxiety and no pain. We use nitrous oxide that hits your brain in twenty seconds and in three minutes leaves you very relaxed. And we use oral sedation whereby you take a simple pill an hour before your appointment, a companion drives you to Mint and by the time you’re sitting in a treatment room you’ve gone to sleep. When you wake up, you’re feeling refreshed and once cleared by our dentist you’re ready to go home. Sometimes, we might use both.

When appropriate we will also prescribe pain pills to relieve any after surgery pain.

Keep Smiling

For our Mint Dental docs, hygienists and assistants, dentistry is more than a profession, it’s a calling. Many of our doctors volunteer to take the highest levels of dental care to all parts of the world. Dr. Harrison has travelled to Romania with Serving Him as well as given up many weekends volunteering in South Dallas clinics. It was this experience to form Keep Smiling, a charity to meet desperate dental needs here in Texas for struggling families as well as military personnel. To learn more about click here.